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Our lasting of many years experience (since 1983), has been dictated us the know-how with the advantage to select & quote suitable equipment for established factories, confectioneries & ice cream shops. The correct & economical selection about our offers is a confirmation of our efforts for a satisfactory solution of our customer's demands. Our pleasure is to offer our suggestions to your problems. We are ready to support you with qualified personnel suitable to your satisfaction. Our firm is cooperating with the follow foreign Houses & we can cover your requirements from them.
Elmeco - Alpigel SA Piccinno


This is an Italian firm established in 1961. Year after year it is grown & today offers their products worldwide. The main production is various capacity machines for elaboration of granite & an excellent series of machines suitable for soft ice cream production.
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Fic - Alpigel SA Piccinno


This is an Italian firm that started their business 60 years ago Today, they are among the leaders in their sector. Their modern technology & special quality is a guarantee for their clients. Their capabilities are endless & we are at your disposal to cover all requirements.
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Frigomat - Alpigel SA Piccinno


This is an Italian firm that started their business 60 years ago. Today, they are included among the leaders in their sectors. The series of their machines are as follow: Machines for "hard" & "soft" ice cream, machines for confectionary & restaurants. The modern's technology & special quality of their products has been driven them in top of the market.
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